Spain’s Socialist Government’s first 100 days in power

Tomorrow  100 days will have passed since Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s Socialist government’s first day in power, and this morning  most Spanish papers make some comment or other about los primeros 100 dias de Zapatero.

El Mundo publishes a survey carried out last week with the following interesting results:

  • 52.9% Spaniards have a good or very good opinion of their president and 43% think the Government’s image is good or very good. 11% think it is poor or very poor.
  • According to the survey, the majority of Spaniards support all of the  major decisions and policies undertaken by the Government since it took power (especially the Law against gender violence, and the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Irak).

  • All members of Rodriguez Zapatero’s Executive get high marks from the Spaniards interviewed. The best rating goes to Spain’s first woman vice-president, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega who scores an unusually high 6.16. Pedro Solbes, Minister for Finance and second Vice President, comes second with 6.12 and the Defence Minister, Jose Bono, third with 6.02. 
  • President Zapatero is the most popular leader of a political party.

    He scores 6.25. Mariano Rajoy, Aznar’s succesor, scores 5.23.

  • According to the survey, during their first 100 days in power the Socialists have increased their lead over the Popular Party, and if elections were held today they would obtain a slightly better result (43.8% compared to 42.6%) and the PP would obtain a slightly worse one (half a point).