Spain’s leading radio station, Cadena Ser, calls for residents of the new EU members to get in touch

Today Cadena Ser publishes in its website a call for residents of any one of the 10 countries which from 1st May onwards will be new members of the European Union. If you live in one of the new member states, all you have to do is leave your name and telephone number in this forum. You should also state your reason for living there (because you were born there, work there….), and a representative from Cadena Ser will get in touch with you.

Most major Spanish newspapers and news radio channels are devoting quite alot of space and time to finding out more than basic statistics about these 10 states, especially the smaller, lesser known countries. This call for direct contact by Cadena Ser is probably an attempt to offer first-hand information to their listeners. We encourage any residents in the new member states to get in touch – the more information Euroresidents can share with eachother directly, the better.