Spain will not officially recognise Kosovo

The Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, has confirmed today that Spain is not going to give official recognition to the newly declared independent state of Kosovo because the declaration of independence does not respect international law.

Moratinos, compared the position of Spain’s policy towards Kosovo to that of Spain’s stance in the war in Iraq saying that ‘the Spanish government has always defended international law. He insisted that Spain defended it by pulling out its troops from Iraq and also now when it comes to the succession of a state. In his opinion the independence of Kosovo would only be legal if it was the result of agreement by all sides involved or if there had been a UN Security Council resolution.

Moratinos gave emphasis to the fact that the separation of Kosovo as an independent state has caused division in the international community, division in the UN Security Council and division amongst UN member states. He said that it wouldn’t benefit the Balkan region either.

On the other hand the French minister for Foreign Affairs, Bernard Kouchner, denied that Kosovan independence was a tradgedy even for Serbia and minimized the difference between EU member states with respect to giving recognition to the new state.

Following Kosovo’s declaration of independence yesterday the Prime Minister of the new state, Hashim Thaci, announced that he had sent a request to governments all over the world asking for recognition and that he expected to receive the first replies within hours. EU member states are meeting today to discuss the matter. At least six EU members are against recognition, Spain included.

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