Spain 10th in best country ranking

According the the results of the World in 2005 study by The Economist, Spain rates as the 10th best place to live in the World in 2005.

Ireland wins top place in this ranking of 111 countries, because of its healthy economy and traditional values. England drops to 29th place – the lowest of the most developed EU countries – and the USA also drops down to 13th place.

The study based its conclusions on statistics about income, health, freedom, unemployment, family life, climate, political stability and gender equality.

According to The Economist Ireland won because it successfully combines elements as important as a low rate of unemployment, high political freedom, solid family stability and a strong community life. Zimbabwe is the worst country to live in according to the results “Because under Mugabe things have gone from bad to worse”.

The top 20 countries in the final ranking are:

  1. Ireland
  2. Switzerland
  3. Norway
  4. Luxembourg
  5. Sweden
  6. Australia
  7. Iceland
  8. Italy
  9. Denmark
  10. Spain
  11. Singapore
  12. Finland
  13. USA
  14. Canada
  15. New Zealand
  16. The Netherlands
  17. Japan
  18. Hong Kong
  19. Portugal
  20. Austria

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