Son challenges Spanish Euthanasia group

Son of a French woman who committed suicide reports Euthanasia group who helped her

A court in Alicante is investigating the death of a French woman called Madeleine who had been suffering from a degenerative disease. The death took place last Friday when the woman who had suffered from Multiple Sclerosis since 2001, took her life in the presence of three members of the Association for the Right to Die (Asociación Derecho a Morir Dignamente – DMD).

Domingo Biver, the son of the deceased reported her death to the authorities and according to sources from the High Court in the Comunitat Valenciana a case has been opened investigating the circumstances surrounding her death. The son of the deceased has denounced DMD for being present during her death.

The woman was accompanied by volunteers from DMD when she died. This group, in favour of Euthanasia, has offered help and support to the terminally ill who wish to end their lives since 1993 by offering advice on possible methods for committing suicide.

The Penal Code in Spain punishes with sentences of four to eight years in prison those who incite suicides, two to five years in prison those who cooperate in suicides and six to ten years in prison for those who assist in suicides.

Euthanasia is not legal in Spain and the government does not have any plans to decriminalise it. Last June the Justice Minister, Juan Fernando López Aguilar, said that the decriminalisation of not prolonging human life artificially under certain circumstances was as far as the government was prepared to go with regards to Euthanasia.

Euthanasia in Spain
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