Sean Connery and wife to appear in court in Marbella

According to judicial sources the actor Sean Connery and his wife have been accused of being involved in irregularities linked to property. Judge, Ricardo Puyol, in charge of courtroom number 1 in Malaga, has called both Connery and his wife to appear in court next week on 15th October.

The accusation is linked to investigations into a property transaction and the presumed participation of societies which Connery and his wife are connected to. The call to the witness stand for Connery and his wife is a result of collaboration between the Spanish and British authorities who provided the couples’ address in the Bahamas a result of which is that official notice of the case was received by Connery and his wife.

Apparently the highest British representative in Spain has said that the couple would like to know the details of the accusations against them. Judge Puyol has ordered for a summary of the accusations to be provided in English.

Around twenty people have been accused in the case involving Connery and his wife amongst them the former mayor of Marbella, Julián Muñoz and the former urban advisor, Juan Antonio.

Irregularities in urban development in Marbella where Connery’s villa in which he lived for a number of decades is located are under investigation. It is believed that up to 2.7 million euros were not paid to the town hall.

Although the proceedings began in 2007, last May investigations showed that Connery and his wife could be connected to the case which is when it was nicknamed ‘Goldfinger’. In June bail for Connery and his wife was set at 3.3 million euros.

Investigations have also uncovered irregularities over the sale of properties in Colinas del Limonar in Málaga, by a company which is believed to be linked to Connery and his wife.