Rumania asks emigrants in Spain to return

The Rumanian government is planning to organize a ‘jobs fair’ in Castellón de la Plana on 12th and 13th April in order to try and attract Rumanian immigrants living in Spain to return. This measure is aimed at trying to solve the shortage of skilled workers in Rumania where there are around half a million job vacancies. It is estimated that approximately half a million Rumanians live and work legally in Spain. It is also believed that one and a half million Rumanians have emigrated to other European countries.

The Rumanian Ministry for Work and Social Affairs is planning to send its own experts to Spain together with other government officials and employers from various sectors of the economy. Rumanians living in Spain will receive information about job vacancies in Rumania, the job market in general, opportunities for starting up a business, European grants available and professional training opportunities.

Paul Pacuraru, the Rumanian Minister for Work explained the government’s strategy saying that ‘if we have a deficit of workers it is preferable that we get Rumanians to return home rather than trying to fill those vacancies with workers from Asia, Africa or other countries’.

He also said that according to the Rumanian consulate in Castellón many Rumanians are interested in jobs on offer in Rumania.

According to Pacuraru, there are currently around half a million job vacancies in Rumania. As well as organizing the ‘jobs fair’ the Rumanian authorities are also working with the Spanish government on a campaign to dissuade Rumanian immigrants in Spain from taking on illegal jobs.

A ‘jobs fair’ similar to the one planned for Castellón also took place in Italy on 23rd February. It was focussed above all on jobs in the construction industry in Rumania where a skilled labourer can earn up to 1000 euros a month.

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