Results of Spain’s Christmas Lottery

Every year millions of Spanish citizens eagerly await the draw for the traditional Christmas lottery which takes place on 22nd December but perhaps this year with the economic slump worsening it was more significant than ever for many. According to a survey of 500 people carried out by the Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU) for Madrid the economic crisis has not affected spending on the traditional Lotería de Navidad in Spain. The average amount that people from Madrid will spend on lottery tickets this year is estimated to be around 160 euros per person. This amount has only gone down by 55 cents compared to last year. In contrasts with other Christmas expenses for which spending is estimated to have dropped by 6% it appears that no price can be placed on luck.

‘El gordo’ which is the biggest prize in the traditional Spanish Christmas lottery was finally revealed three hours after the draw began this morning at 09.12am. The winning number is 32,365. The prize worth 3 million euros has been won by 9 ‘administrations’ located in Torrevieja (Alicante), Barcelona, Soria, Zaragoza, Quesada (Jaén), Madrid, Oñati (Guipúzcoa), Allariz (Orense) and Quesada (Jaén).

The second prize worth a million euros is 78,400 and is known to have been sold in Madrid.

Less than 20 minutes after the most awaited lottery draw of the year began the winning number for the third prize was drawn – 80,076 worth 500,000 euros won by ‘administration Nº 2’ in Soria. Three minutes later the winning number for one of the fifth prizes worth 50,000 thousand euros was revealed to be 70,593.

Another fifth prize – 73,450 – was known at 09.51. It was sold in the Canary Islands. Almost an hour later another fifth prize was known – 29,127.

The first fourth prize worth 200,000 euros was known at 10.

55 and was won by the number 79,294 and was sold by administration number 59 in Bilbao.

At 11:49 another fifth prize – 30.227 – was known and at 11.56 the last fifth prize worth 50,000 euros was drawn – 58.616. it is known to have been sold by agency Nº 13 of Hospitalet de Llobregat. Another fourth prize was drawn at 12.25 and was won by the number 49,730.

Everybody buys their own ‘favourite’ numbers for the Christmas lottery but once again number 5 was in the winning number for ‘el gordo’ which makes it the most repeated number in the history of the Christmas lottery draw after being in 32 winning combinations including this year’s.

Other winning numbers are 4 and 6 which have been in winning combinations on 26 occasions followed by 3 and 8 which have both been in winning combinations 20 times. On the other hand number 1 has only been in a winning combination 7 times.

According to statistics provided by the National Organization for Lotteries the winning number has been between o and 10,000 on 61 occasions and on 71 occasions it has been between 10,001 and 30,000. On 64 occasions it has been between 30,001 and 66,000. The number 15,640 was a winning number on 2 occasions (1956 and 1978) and the consecutive numbers 13,093 and 13,094 and y 53,452 and 53,453 were also winning numbers.

The biggest prize ‘El Gordo’ has corresponded on 4 occasions to numbers ending in three numbers exactly the same – 25, 444 – 25,888 – 35,999 and 55,666.

One of the biggest attractions of the Spanish Christmas lottery is the possibility of winning ‘something’. However, in order to win a significant prize it is estimated that you need to spend at least 200 euros on lottery tickets.