Report on performance of Spain’s town halls

The latest report which gives an index of the transparency of Spanish town hall’s published by Transparencia Internacional España (ITA), has placed Elche (controlled by PSOE) in 7th place while the town hall of Torrevieja (under the control of the PP) occupies the last place on the list which in total includes 110 town halls throughout Spain. Alicante comes 42nd in the index and Orihuela 70th. Benidorm is at the bottom end of the index at number 103.

The study is based on measuring 80 different indicators divided into 5 categories with marks out of 100: information on the municipal corporation, the relationship with its citizens, society, the contracting of services, the financial situation of each and lastly public works and urban development.

Taking into account these factors the city of Alicante, governed by the PP, occupies first place in the index as far as the contracting of services is concerned with 100 out of 100. Elche also stands out in first place for the availability of information on the municipal corporation and transparency over its financial situation obtaining 100 points in each category.

The report also reveals an increase in the transparency of all of the town halls included in the study for 2008 and for this year. However, there are still some town halls which appear to cover up information such as Benidorm, run by the PP, which received 0 out of 100 in the category of transparency of information on the contracting of its services putting it at the bottom of the national index. Torrevieja town hall provided little information on public works and urban development obtaining just 5.9 points in this category, occupying 109th place in the index.

However, in sharp contrast with the 100 points awarded to Alicante town hall for its transparency in the category of contracting of services this town hall received just 31.

6 points out of 100 for the lack of information provided on its financial situation.

Orihuela town hall, run by the PP, received 28.5 points for transparency in its contracting of services while receiving in contrast 76 points for information provided on the municipal corporation.

Out of the 5 localities in the province of Alicante only Torrevieja and Benidorm, both governed by the PP, fell below the national average in terms of their transparency.