Real Madrid sacks manager Luxemburgo

The Board of Directors at Real Madrid sacked manager Vanderlei Luxemburgo this evening and appointed the manager of Castilla, Juan Ramón López Caro, to take temporary charge of the team.

Real Madrid have come increasingly under attack from fans during the past few weeks, as dismal performances from the so-called team of galatics have failed to pull Real out of the rut it has been in for the last year or so.

Even though Luxemburgo, former manager of Brazil, apparantly enjoyed the support of his team, Real Madrid fans have been getting increasingly impatient with the apparant lack of tactics and team footballing skills of the Madrid team. In the famous Madrid-Barcelona match last month, fans cheered Ronaldhino and the Barcelona players off the pitch in an almost unprecedented show of “sportsmanslike” behaviour. Infact the cheers were probably intended to humiliate the Real players as much as compliment Barcelona’s fine, and ultimately deadly, performance.

Last night, after a miserable 1-0 victory over one of the premier division’s most humble teams, Getafe, Real Madrid player Ronaldo complained about the attitude of fans in a radio interview after the game, saying they were too impatient and should start supporting the team rather than booing them off the pitch. As the radio commentator said after the interview (on Cadena Ser), supporters who pay high prices to watch their team play are entitled to have an opinion and to demand more of players who earn gastronomical wages and fail to perform match after match.