PSOE wins Spanish emigrants vote

PSOE beats the PP in 51 out of 52 provinces and in the number of votes from emigrants

In last Sunday’s general election PSOE managed to get 217,686 votes from Spanish emigrants, a figure which is nearly double the 106.265 votes obtained by the PP from the same group.
Furthermore, PSOE beat the PP in the number of votes it received in 51 out of 52 Spanish provinces. It won in every province except for in Tenerife where it was beaten by the Coalición Canaria.

The Socialists achieved better results in Spain’s autonomous communities where the PP beat them easily in 2004. For example PSOE beat the PP in Melilla, Castilla and Leon, Cantabria, La Rioja, Baleares, Navarra, the País Vasco and Galicia.

There was a clear change in Galicia compared to the 2004 election results when the PP beat PSOE by 22,000 votes. This time round the socialists beat the PP by 25,000 votes.

This change was clearly notable in Castilla and León where the PP beat PSOE in 2004 by more than 1,500 votes.

This time PSOE beat the PP by nearly 11,000 votes.

In addition, PSOE tripled its votes in its most ‘popular ‘ autonomous communities like Andalucía, Asturias, Aragón, Cataluña, Canarias or Extremadura. It also doubled its votes compared to those received by the PP in Baleares, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, the Comunidad Valenciana, Galicia, Murcia and the País Vasco. PSOE also won by a clear margin in the rest of Spain’s autonomous communities and autonomous cities.

These results mean that PSOE beat the PP by more than a million votes overall in last Sunday’s general election.

The final count shows that PSOE obtained 11,282,210 votes (43,84%), compared to 10,276,238 received by the PP (39,93%). This means that Zapatero has become the candidate with the most votes in the history of Spanish democracy.

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