Protests over the price of housing in Spain

Thousands of young people took to the streets yesterday in 60 towns and cities to protest at the price of housing in Spain and to ask the Spanish government to do something to protect the right of young people to buy a decent house.

The protests were organised spontaneously via e-mail messages, websites and sms and were not coordinated by any youth organisation, trade union or any other protest group. The biggest protests were held in Madrid and Barcelona where more than one thousand protesters gathered at the Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Catalunya respectively, and in Valencia (900 protesters). In other towns like Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, Bilbao and San Sebastian, the concentrations were smaller with 200 to 150 participants.

During the protests, the participants sat down and chanted slogans criticising national and local government for failing to guarantee the right to a house by allowing property prices to rise above what many people can afford. They also criticised real estate speculation with chants like “Hands up, this is a hold up” or “Protect our right to a roof.

Housing isn’t a business. It’s a right“.

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