Protests over new golf course in Avila, Spain

Ecologists appeal to Regional Government to prevent the destruction of a pine forest in Avila, Spain.

The Spanish trade union CCOO and Centaurea, an association of ecologists, are trying to force the regional government of Castilla y Leon to respect a sentence passed by the Supreme Tribunal Court and to stop all building activity in the Golf course Ciudad del Golf in Las Navas del Marqués.

The regional government supports the construction of this new golf course and leisure complex in Avila, even though it involves the destruction of an extensive natural area of pine forests which are home to some of Spain’s rarest bird breeds, including the black stork, imperial eagle and the black vulture.

CCOO and Centaura have published a press release accusing the regional government of deliberately ignoring the sentence which was passed at the end of last week. According to the two associations, and contrary to the orders of the Supreme Tribunal Courts, this weekend the construction company has continued to cut down hundreds of trees and and other vegetation.

The land belongs to a private company set up in 2000 by the regional administration of which 70 percent belongs to the local council, 20 percent to the Castilla y Leon Regional Government and 10 percent to the Provincial Government. All authorities are governed by the Popular Party.

The ecologists and trade union representatives say that the decision of the company to carry on with its plans represents an act of “scorn towards social and legal order” and “revenge for the decision of the Courts, two days after sentence was passed protecting in the public’s interest the very area damaged this weekend, because of its natural, environmental, landscape and ecological worth”.

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