Protests in Madrid against Spanish politicians grow

The social movement protesting against the political class in Spain has decided to continue its demonstrations and a protest camp has been set up in the ‘Puerta del Sol’ in the centre of the Spanish capital, Madrid. The organizers of the protest have suggested that protests continue 24 hours a day and that the protest camp should be maintained until at least next Sunday. In addition they are calling for a mass protest on either Friday or Saturday this week.

Following several hours of debate the organizers of the event said that they would continue their protests and discussed the idea of drawing up a list of demands to be presented to the government before concluding their protest at the end of this week. The assembly which consists of the spokesperson for seven groups made it clear that they did not represent any political party or association. They are demanding a new society where human dignity is more important than economic interests.

They also said that it was an absolute priority that the social movement for political change should remain peaceful. The organizers of the event have agreed to create a united front in the ‘Puerta del Sol’ while their demands, which will become public in a few hours, are being discussed.
Tomás Muñoz, one of the spokespersons for the protest camp said that both the protesters and the media should be patient while discussions of this ‘new collective’ were taking place.

According to the organizers of the protest in the ‘Puerta del Sol’ a similar protest in Granada has been broken up by the police. The number of police at the protest in Madrid has been considerably reduced and just around 20 policemen and women are guarding the headquarters of the regional government of Madrid.

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