Protests in Madrid

Protests are continuing in Madrid despite police action to remove protesters belonging to the ‘indignados 15-M’ movement. Access to the Puerta del Sol the Spanish capital’s main meeting point has been restricted by police since protesters tried to set up another makeshift camp last weekend. Despite the square being cordoned off by police last night protesters tried once again to enter. Access to the square by public transport has been stopped and nobody is being allowed into the Puerta del Sol. The situation became particularly tense last night when over a thousand protesters confronted police in their attempt to gain access to the square. However, protesters still carried out their protest but used an alternative route beginning in Atocha then moving down one of Madrid’s busiest roads the Paseo del Prado. The protest in favor of the 15-M movement has been planned for some time. When protesters finally arrived at their destination the Puerta del Sol over a hundred tried to surprise the police by trying to jump over the cordoned off areas and the situation is said to have become very tense between protesters and the police.

Currently there are over 20 police vans parked in the Puerta del Sol and nearby. The police who have been ordered not to allow protesters access to the Puerta del Sol are patrolling the square and adjoining streets where they have already got barriers ready if necessary. However, the Home Office has also asked the police to avoid any unnecessary arrests and to avoid using plastic bullets or tear gas to disperse protesters.

Protesters are still meeting in the Spanish capital in order to decide their next move.