Primadomus center needs a new location

Despite national and international pressure (including over 54,500 participants in an electronic petition), the mayor of Relleu has failed to give in, and for some reason known only to himself and his colleagues, he refuses to give the permission needed to continue the building of the Primadomus Center (dedicated to caring for primates and backed by Asturias prize-winner, Jane Goodall) in Relleu. This situation has led the promotors of the project to start looking

for an alternative location elsewhere in the province of Alicante.

Nobody seems to know exactly why the mayor has withdrawn his support from a project which he initially supported, but having ignored requests from Jane Goodall and even Queen Sofia of Spain, the organizers seem to have become resigned to the fact that the mayor’s opposition to this unique sanctuary for chimpanzees is total, and so they have started to talk to authorities

in nearby municipalities.

We have received an email requesting our support for the Primadomus project, and we are pleased to copy below the update which is published on the Primadomus website.

People supporting this primate center are asked to send an email to the mayor of Relleu asking

him to reconsider his position.

Mayor maintains opposition against PRIMADOMUS Project in Relleu.

More than 46.700 e-mails from all over the world have been sent to the Mayor of Relleu, asking the unblocking of the project.

The impossibility to resolve the current situation with the Mayor of Relleu, whom stated at various occasions the complete rejection of the Primadomus Project, has resulted in contacts between various other municipalities in the Alicante province to investigate the possibility of establishing the project for a Life Time Care Centre for Primates, in another place.

Several municipalities in the province of Alicante have shown their interest to adopt the project given the national and international image in the educational and scientific world that will result by housing this centre. The responsible persons at these town halls understand perfectly the cultural, social and economic benefits generated for their towns by this unique European project.

Despite the negative opinion of the Mayor of Relleu, blocking the project, AAP still believes in the optimal conditions (climatologically, environmental, social) in the province of Alicante for housing the project and therefore it started talks with the municipalities showing interest and with the authorities involved in the analysis and studies needed to establish the Primadomus Project on an other location in the province.

On the other hand, the Internet e-mail campaign, which started in August in which citizens ask the Mayor Santiago Canto for the go-ahead of the project, is a great success.

Up until now more then 46.700 emails have been sent from 18 different countries. The campaign has been supported by people all over the world, national and international organisations and institutions, which sent through the Internet ( their support for the project to town hall of Relleu.

Primadomus (home for primates) main objective is to provide a permanent home for animals rescued by AAP that can’t find a new home. The project is supported by Her Majesty Dña. Sofía and backed by the British Ethologist, “Premio Príncipe de Asturias 2002” and UN Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall.

AAP has been working for 3 years now on the construction of the project, which was approved by the Mayor of Relleu in 2002 and again blocked in 2004

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