Pollution in Madrid

The town hall of Madrid hasbeeb forced into action in an attempt to try and reduce the levels of nitrogen dioxide found in the Spanish capital.

Over the last few days photos of some of the most emblematic symbols of the city such as its highest buildings have been published in which they are obscured by a dense cloud of smoke. On calle 30, one of the busiest roads in the capital, informative electronic boards have begun to suggest using public transport over cars. However, despite requests by authorities the citizens of Madrid do not appear to be paying much attention to this recommendation given that levels of traffic in the city were practically the same one day to the next.

An environmental group called ‘Ecologists in Action’ has said that the ‘town hall of Madrid is doing a serious disservice in its obligation to guarantee healthy air in the city’. In a statement it said that the only action the town hall had taken was to recommend using public transport which is obviously failing due to the usual traffic jams in the city and the continuing high levels of pollution which are still being recorded.

In fact, yesterday one of the 24 stations which record levels of pollution recorded levels of nitrogen dioxide above the legal limits.

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) said that levels of pollution would not drop until the weekend when the wind and rain would help clear contamination in both Madrid and Barcelona.