Police stage Full Monty in Seville

Local police in Spain to make nude protest

Local police in Seville are planning to go nude today in protest at having to work without air-conditioning. The protest is planned to take place on the steps of the police station where they work.

The secretary of the trade union representing local police throughout Spain (Sppme) in Sevilla, Carlos Guerra, said that the protest would take place at 1pm today on the steps of the police station where they work.

With this ‘full monty’ protest the police are trying to bring attention to the fact that they have been working without air-conditioning for more than two months despite having to work in temperatures which are forecast to rise above 36ºC over the next few days and in a building with a metal roof.

Guerra added that repeated requests for a solution to the problem have been made to the town hall. He also said that a couple of years ago a similar problem occurred in the regional mobility offices of the town hall and permission was given for the offices to close at midday everyday while the air conditioning was being repaired.