Police intervention in Madrid protests

Last night at around 11pm hundreds of protesters belonging to the 15-M movement clashed with police outside Home Office buildings in the Spanish capital. Protesters who have been protesting in Madrid since last weekend fought with riot police in the most serious incident between the ‘indignados’ and police since the 15-M movement began. The protesters or ‘indignados’ arrived outside the Home Office buildings after the third day of trying to regain access to the Puerta del Sol which has been cordoned off by the police. As an alternative around 800 people met in Cibeles and then marched on to the Home Office in the Paseo de la Castellana. Following the clashes between the protesters and the police around twenty people were injured (including seven police) and five people arrested. One of those arrested was a journalist for Lainformacion.com According to police sources the clashes between the authorities and the protesters took place when protesters attempted to scale the perimeter fence protecting the Home Office.

However, protesters deny these claims saying that there was no provocation or violence by protesters. Two of the injured had to be taken to hospital to be treated for head injuries. Yesterday at around midday the police closed all access to the Puerta del Sol including access via the metro station. They also entered the surrounding bars, restaurants and shops to advise the owners to evacuate them immediately causing some clients to feel alarmed. Later on in the afternoon businesses in the area surrounding the Puerta del Sol reopened only to close down again a short time later. This afternoon protesters will once again march towards the Home Office in a demonstration that will set off from Atocha with the aim of reaching the Puerta del Sol.

According to information released by one of the 15-M groups some of the protesters will try to go directly to the Puerta del Sol.