Picasso paintings stolen

Two Picasso paintings worth over 50 million euros stolen

Two Picasso paintings were stolen on Monday night from the Parisian home of one of the painters granddaughters according to official sources. The two works are estimated to be worth more than 50 million euros. They are two portraits. One of his daughter Maya and the other of Jacqueline the painter’s last wife.

The portrait of Maya was painted in 1938 and measures 60 cms by 74 cms in the picture Maya is wearing a blue dress and is sitting cradling a doll in her arms.
The robbers apparently entered the house in an exclusive district of Paris without forcing open the windows or door. The Parisian police are now taking charge of the investigation.

The robbery took place a day after the Picasso Museum in Malaga received 2 works by the painter which had belonged to his last wife Jacqueline and her daughter. These two paintings were acquired by the Ministry of Culture for 3 million euros.

In 1989 4 Picasso canvases were stolen from his grand daughter, Marina, in Cannes in France as well as a painting by Henri Matisse and another by Auguste-René Rodin.

Fortunately the pictures were recovered 4 days later.