Petrol prices rise in Spain

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week in Spain, and as every year holiday-makers will flock to the tourist areas to enjoy the first warm days of Spring. But this year people driving to their holiday destination may find themselves exceeding their budget due to the price of petrol here, especially if they drive a gasoil car.

Although Spanish prices are still not as high as in many other European countries, petrol prices are starting to become more and more of an issue here. It costs nearly 6 euros more to fill a 40-litre gasoil tank than it did in Easter last year.

This month oil prices have reached an all-time high in Spain and gasoil now costs 86.4 cents per litre. In April last year a litre cost 76.6 cents. Meanwhile non-leaded petrol 95 costs 90.3 cents and unleaded super 97 costs 98.2 cents.

The alternative to driving is of course to take advantage of some of the special offers launched by airlines running inland flights.

Spanair launched another 9 euros per flight campaign this weekend and some of Iberia’s special offers start from as low as 15 euros. Infact it has never been as cheap to fly within Spain as it is this year.

Rail travel is another possibility. Spanish long-distance trains are usually comfy and good value for money. First class travel on RENFE and AVE trains is much cheaper in Spain than in Britain, and passangers are served meals and drinks depending on the time of the journey,

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