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We have received a message from Televisionary, an independent TV production company based in the UK and looking for contributors for a new TV series. According to the email, it is not just another overseas property programme. The key is to find preferably a couple where one partner has serious reservations about buying a home abroad, and we would tackle these issues during the programme.

Anyone who is in that situation and would like to participate in the programme is asked to contact Anna Fox, Televisionary, Direct line: 01548 830093, Fax: 01548 831551

See the brief about what the programme organisers are looking for below:

What’s stopping YOU from buying abroad?
A new TV show is here to help make your dream come true.
Is something stopping you from turning your dream of a place in the sun into reality? Perhaps it’s a fear of being away from friends and family, not being able to speak the language, a dislike of foreign food or concern about driving on the other side of the road.

Whatever your fear, if this is you, this new TV show wants to hear from you.

We’ll take you to your country of choice and advise you on locations, property, purchase process etc? We’ll also help you confront your fears.

We’d particularly like to hear from couples where one of you is keen to buy abroad and one of you isn’t – and if that keen partner is you, please don’t tell your other half you’re contacting us….the surprise trip is all part
of the show!

We will be filming abroad during the months of August, September, October and November this year and want to hear from people with a genuine dream – who are being held back by genuine fears.

If you would like to take part then please contact Anna Fox on 01548 830093 or email Anna@televisionary. or write to Anna Fox, Televisionary, 10 New Mills, Modbury, Devon PL21 0TP.

Don’t forget to include your daytime contact number and let us know where
your dream property might be.

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