Penelope Cruz misses oscar

The Departed by Martin Scorsese, won best film and best director at last night’s Oscars ceremony. It was a great triumph for the director who already had 7 Oscar nominations under his belt.

Martin Scorsese, who received his award from Spielberg and George Lucas, asked for them to check the envelope, clearly referring to his previous 7 Oscar nominations. The other nominations in the same category were Alejando González Iñárritu for ‘Babel’, Clint Eastwood for ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’, Stephen Frears for ‘The Queen’ and Paul Greengrass for ‘United 93’.

Most of Spain was convinced that Penelope Cruz would steal the show, and penelopemania hit its peak this weekend, to such an extent that the build up to Sunday could have easily been called “Penelope in America” rather than “The 2007 Academy Awards”. However, in the end the Oscar for best actress went to Helen Mirren, as widely predicted outside Spain, for her lead part in the film ‘the Queen’, directed by Stephen Frears.

The 61 year old actress who received the award from Phillip Seymour thanked the Academy and also the Queen who she said was the real winner.

The Oscar for best actor was won by Forest Whitaker for his role in ‘the Last King of Scotland’. He received the Oscar from Reese Witherspoon and gave an emotional speech referring to his Texan roots. and ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ by Al Gore, the ex US Vice-President, was awarded an Oscar for best documentary.

‘Pan’s Labryinth by Guillermo del Toro (see trailer below) saved face for the Spanish film scene winning 3 awards for best art direction, best make up and also best cinematography.
The award for best foreign language film went to ‘Das Leben der Anderen’ by the German director Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck.

Spanish film The Sea Inside wins Oscar

Trailer of Pan’s Labryinth: