Online shopping in Spain

68% of internet users in Spain shop online according to a study carried out by the Interactive European Advertising Association on European consumer habits and the internet.

France and Italy were also included in the study. The results showed that Spain occupies a middle position with France coming above Spain with 75% of internet users buying online. Italy came below Spain with 54% of users shopping online.
According to the results of the study the Spanish spend around 452 euros online, the French 509 euros and the Italians 454 euros. The study also showed that on average the Spanish buy around 5 different products online whereas the French buy 8 and the Italians 7.

The most popular products bought online were tickets for travelling (83% searches resulting in 55% purchases), followed by package holidays (77% searches resulting in 36% purchases) and music downloads (62% searches and 25% resulting in purchases).
The purchase of concert and festival tickets online was shown to have risen from 56% in 2005 to over 63% in 2006 and the legal downloading of music accounted for 37% of online purchases.

According to the study the purchase of mobile telephones has gone up by 23% followed by a 16% increase in music downloads. The purchase of car accessories increased by 15% and furniture sales by 14%.

The most noticeable increase was in concert and festival tickets with an increase of 75% bought online. The purchase of holidays rose by 72%, books by 71% and clothes by 70%.

The studied was based on telephone interviews in the United Kingdom Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Nordic countries, Belgium and Holland.

Online shops in Spain
Shopping in Spain