New Spanish TV channel in USA

New Hispanic public TV channel for the US

Hispanic residents in the US, estimated to number around 30 million, will soon have their own TV channel. Until now the only Spanish TV channels available were not very high quality consisting mainly of sensationalist news, game shows and poor quality soap operas.

However it is hoped that V-me (pronounced Véme), which will start emitting from the 5th March this year, will provide programmes of a higher quality. The channel is a result of collaboration between public and private companies.

According to Carmen DiRienzo, president of the new channel, V-me will offer intelligent programmes that explore issues facing Latin Americans today and help link the diverse Hispanic groups that live in the US. The channel will broadcast 24 hours a day and will include programmes for children such as classics like Sesame Street, documentaries and Latin American films. A quarter of programmes broadcast will be their own productions and the only soap opera will be Nuestro barrio (Our Neighbourhood) which will aim to not only be entertaining but also educative showing how to deal with US bureaucracy for example.

It is hoped that V-me will be seen by at least 60% of the Hispanic population in cities like New York, Los Angeles or Miami. The channel will be available on both cable and digital TV.

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