New fines in Spain for illegal smoking

Spain’s days as smokers’ paradise are coming to an end. The Spanish government plans to introduce a system of fines as part of new anti-smoking laws it hopes to push through Congress over the next few weeks. The proposed legislation includes fines for people found smoking in areas where it is forbidden, and for under-age smokers (of whom there are plenty in Spain) whose parents or guardians will be obliged to pay the fine on their behalf.

Spain’s Health Minister, Elena Salgado, who makes no secret of the fact that she is a committed anti-smoking campaigner, announced plans to introduce tougher anti-smoking laws in Spain last November, and the draft legislation was approved by the members of President Rodriguez Zapatero‘s cabinet last week.

According to sources consulted by El Pais and ABC, the fines go from as much anything between 10,001 and a million euros for most serious offences related to illegal smoking, between 10,000 and 600 euros for serious offences, and 600 euros or less for the minor smoking-related offences.

Smoking will be a finable offence in the workplace, in all public buildings (ministries, social security offices, job centres, town halls…..), in all public transport, in hospitals, clinics, schools and in universities.

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