More heat wave deaths in Spain

There have been two more deaths, one in Barcelona and another in Zaragoza, bringing the official number of deaths in Spain caused by this year’s heat wave to 14.

A 31 year old man died in Cataluña, the sixth death caused by the heat in this region. In Zaragoza the victim was a 79 year old man. The 31 year old had been admitted to hospital last week suffering from hypothermia and tachycardia in a coma after he had been out in the midday sun for approximately 3 hours. He passed away last Sunday.

The Catalan Department for Health has recommended that people should try and control the temperatures of their homes, spend at least two hours per day in an airconditioned environment, limit their physical activity, avoid going out at midday, avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water.

Another 7 people had to receive medical attention in Aragon due to ill health caused by the excessive heat.

It is not only Spain that is suffering in the heat. This summer many other parts of Europe such as France, Germany, Holland and Britain have also experienced a heatwave.

In fact two weeks ago temperatures reached over 36 degrees in some parts of England, the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK.

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