Mobile phone operators in Spain

Mobile phone users in Spain will be able to end contracts without being penalized

According to a press release from the National Consumers Institute mobile phone users in Spain will be able to end their contracts without being penalized if they decide not to accept price rises or changes to tariffs imposed by their phone company.

From the 1st March mobile phone operators will no longer be allowed to round up call charges to the nearest minute and consumers will only be charged for the exact time of their calls.

As a consequence of this new law some mobile phone operators have announced modifications to their tariffs.

The National Consumers Institute has pointed out that mobile phone users have the right to be informed of any price changes one month in advance and that phone operators can only prevent their clients form changing phone operator and using the same number if they have not paid their bills.

In addition, closure clauses in mobile phone contracts will no longer be an obstacle to changing companies given that users will be protect by law from penalization.

Mobile phone users with any queries can contact the ‘Oficina de Atención al Usuario de Telecomunicaciones’ by phone on 901336699 or by internet by going to or go to their nearest ‘ Oficina de Consumidores’.

The new law passed on 29th December 2006 which prohibits rounding up phone prices gives phone operators two months to inform their clients of any changes to their contracts. This period runs out on 1st March this year.