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Bird’s Eye View of Barcelona over the last 50 years

Barcelona Town Hall has improved its virtual journey which gives internet users a bird’s eye view of Barcelona in 3D, similar to Google Earth. Internet users who download a special programme can take a virtual journey over Barcelona and see how the city has developed since the middle of the last century. The virtual journey has ‘stops’ in 1947, 1958, 1970, 1994 and 2005. New developments mean that users will soon be able to get a 4D bird’s eye view of the city during different periods over the last 50 years.

This virtual journey is available by going to Barcelona Town Hall’s web page . The virtual journey over the city was created in 2003. Since then it has undergone several improvements, the most recent development means that users will soon get a 4th dimension which is a historical view of the city and the changes it has undergone since the middle of the last century.

Users will be able to see how the city changed when new neighbourhoods were built (for example the Eixample), how the city’s coastline has developed, and how the city changed in preparation for the 1995 Olympics. Once the service is fully available users will also be able to see how the city looked shortly following the Civil war, the effects of the 1953 Urban plan and the expansion of the city towards the suburbs and the changes the city underwent following the transition to democracy.

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