The majority of Spaniards are in favor of first policies implemented by Spain’s new Government

According to the latest results of the regular survey carried out by Cadena Ser to measure public opinion on political leaders and government policies, most Spaniards approve of the Socialist Government’s actions during its first few weeks in power.

All 16 government ministers have passed this first popularity test, with Pedro Solbes, Jose Bono, Miguel Angel Moratinos and Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega proving to be the most popular ministers so far. As far as support for government policies, 3 of every 4 Spaniards support the decision to withdraw the Spanish troops from Iraq, and the majority also support the decision to suspend two controversial measures taken by the previous government – the Education Reform law and the National Hydraulic Plan.

The people interviewed in this latest pulsometro survey are more critical when it comes to the issue of domestic violence in Spain 45% think the measures taken by the Socialist Government are not enough to solve the problem, and only 39% think they are sufficient.

Meanwhile more than 70% of participants in the survey support the decision to control the imans of clandestine mosques in Spain.