Most complained about airlines in Spain

FACUA, the Spanish non-governmental consumer rights organization, says that it receives more complaints about Ryanair, Vueling and Iberia than any other airline. Out of all the people who asked for help from FACUA with regards to problems with airlines 34% of complaints were directed at Ryanair followed by Vueling 24% and Iberia 19%.

According to FACUA most airlines operating in Spain commit irregularities when selling tickets and 7 out of 10 airlines advertise prices lower than the ones that are finally charged for tickets.

FACUA criticises the lack of action by the Spanish government and regional authorities to the fraud which is committed by airlines and sees this as a cause of the many irregularities committed by airlines and even accuses the authorities of increasing irregularities due to their lack of interest. FACUA says it has made numerous complaints against airlines in the face of the passivity shown by regional authorities, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Health.

Amongst the most common complaints and fraud committed by airlines are the refusal to pay compensation to consumers and provide food, drinks and accommodation inline with European legislation due to cancellations or long delays.

With regards to irregularities in ticket prices FACUA says it receives complaints about inflated prices and extra charges for boarding, carrying luggage or the increased price of using a credit card amongst other things.