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One of the things which attracts so many people to this country is the Spanish lifestyle which is so different from many other European countries (see reasons for living in Spain).

The CIS (Spain’s Center for Sociological Research) has just published a survey which indicates that Spaniards themselves are very happy with the main differences between Spain and their European partners, especially when it comes to eating habits. According to the results of the survey, over 85 percent of Spaniards prefer Spanish eating times and have never considered eating lunch or dinner earlier at similar times used in the rest of Europe.

Over half the people interviewed eat lunch from two to three o’clock and 19.9 percent between three and four o’clock. Meanwhile over 48 percent have dinner between nine and ten, and 27 percent from ten to eleven o’clock.

Spaniards sleep on average seven and a quarter hours during the week and eight and a half hours at weekends.

Spaniards consider health and family to be most important to them (86 and 81 percent respectively), followed by work (56.4), friends (46.5), money (27.7). Only 11 percent consider religion to be important, and even fewer politics (6.2 percent).

Over 54 percent of Spaniards are very satisfied with family life, but only 22 percent are very satisfied with their home. The majority are happy, very happy or quite happy with their job, and only 6.9 and 7 percent are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied at work. Over a third would like to have more free time to spend with their families.

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