Latest Spanish unemployment figures

Last month unemployment in Spain fell by 76,223

The number of registered unemployed fell by 76,223 last month – a fall of 1.84% compared to the previous month. The total number of registered unemployed in Spain now stands at 4,066,202 according to the latest figures released by the Ministry for Work. Nevertheless despite the second consecutive monthly fall in unemployment the total number of registered unemployed in May was still 446,000 more than a year ago.

According to the General Secretary for Employment, Maravillas Rojo, the fall in unemployment in May, a traditionally good month for employment with the start of the tourist season in Spain, these latest figures are ‘without doubt good results especially if the state of the economy is taken into account’. Furthermore, it is the biggest fall in unemployment registered in the month of May for five years.

Unemployment has dropped in all sectors of the economy except for the group of people with no previous employment history whose number has increased by 1.

1% (3,823 people). The biggest fall in unemployment has been in the service industry with a fall of 46,380 (-1.9%) and in the construction sector with a fall of 20,573 (-2.6%). There has been a fall of 11,565 in the number of unemployed in the Industrial sector (-2.2%) and there has been a fall of 1,528 in the number of people unemployed in the agricultural sector (-1.2%). In addition, May ended with 15,372 fewer young people on the unemployment register. Unemployment amongst the young fell in all regions of Spain but most notably in Catalonia (18,920), Andalucia (10,849) and Madrid (6,583).

The government is meeting both business groups and trade unions again today in order to try and reach a consensus over reforms to employment laws. Yesterday Celestino Corbacho, announced that negotiations will be concluded in no more than seven or eight days.