Latest figures on foreign residents in Spain

The National Statistics Institute has just published the lastest figures corresponding to the number of foreign residents living in Spain. According to the study, 8.4 percent of Spain’s population is non-Spanish.

3.69 million foreign residents live in Spain. In 2004 the total population rose by 770,000 and currently stands at 43.97 million inhabitants. The overall rise in population was largely due to the rise in foreign residents; in 2004 over 650,000 non-Spaniards signed the municipal register for the first time.

The regional break-down shows that Catalonia experienced the highest rise in population in 2004 (170,000 people), followed by Andalusia (142.000), the Valencian Region (129.000) and Madrid (116.000).

Population in Spain reaches an all-time high
Demographics of foreign population in Spain

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