James Rosenquist: A Retrospective. New exhibition in the Guggenheim.

The Guggenheim Art Museum in Bilbao has just opened a new exhibition with over 150 pieces of art by the well-known US pop-artist, James Rosenquist. According to the inroduction to the exhibition on the Guggenheim website, James Rosenquist, A Retrospective presents the artist’s enduring interest in and mastery of texture, color, line, and shape that have influenced younger generations of artists. Through his unique style of art, Rosenquist has addressed modern issues and current events, registered antiwar statements, and voiced concern over the social, political, economic, and environmental fate of the planet. James Rosenquist: A Retrospective encompasses the full breadth of this artist’s remarkable achievement, while capturing his practice of working simultaneously in diverse mediums. (See full description here).

The exhibition, which opens today and closes on 17th October, includes about 160 works (painting, sculptures, drawings, engravings and collages) by Rosenquist, setting out the historical context of his early Pop works, and highligting the artist’s influence on the art of the late 20th century and early 21st century.

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