Islamic terrorist suspects planned attack on Barcelona metro

Jihads were planning suicide bombings on metro before being arrested

Ten of the twelve Pakistanis arrested last weekend in Barcelona are now in prison on charges of belonging to a jihad group which was planning an imminent attack in the Catalan Capital. Ismael Moreno, the judge in charge of the case said that most of the investigation was based on the testimony of a protected witness.

The information obtained from this person made it possible for the police to break up the Islamist cell that had already chosen three of its members to carry out an attack on Barcelona’s public transport system last weekend. The information given by the protected witness was later verified by answers given by those under arrest.

The testimony provided by the protected witness also helped the police discover that they were dealing with a cell specialising in the manufacture of explosives headed by Hafeez Ahmed. This information was also corroborated by Maroof Ahmed, Qadeer Malik and Sahib Iqbal all of whom are under arrest on terrorist charges.

The police also discovered from the protected witness that they were dealing with suicide bombers.

Three of the group, Mohamed Shoaib, Mehmooh Khalib and Imran Cheema, are accused of being potential suicide bombers. It is believed that they arrived in Barcelona between October and the middle of January which Ismael Moreno, the judge in charge of investigations, said followed a familiar pattern used by extremist Islamist organizations before carrying out suicide attacks. It is believed that they were planning to carry out suicide bombings in Barcelona between 18th and 20th January.

Another two of those arrested at the weekend Maroof Ahmed Mirza and Mohammad Ayud Elahi Bibi are accused of leading the cell ideologically and operationally. Ahmed Mirza is believed to have been the religious leader of the group in charge of organizing the potential terrorist attacks.

Two of the twelve arrested have been released unconditionally. The Spanish high court has confirmed that this Islamist cell was extremely close to being fully operational and very near achieving the technical capacity needed for the manufacture of bombs.