Islamic terrorism suspects arrested in Barcelona

16 arrested in operation against Islamist terrorism in Spain

An operation headed by the High Court judge Baltasar Garzón has led to 16 people being detained this week on suspicion of involvement in Islamist terrorism in Spain. Those arrested are accused of looking for recruits to send to terrorist training camps in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

13 of the arrests took place in Barcelona, Igualada and Santa Coloma de Gramanet. The rest were in the Madrid neighbourhood of Aranjuez and in Malaga. Information held on computers discovered during the raids is now being analysed.

‘Operación Tala’ is the result of an investigation into those suspected of involvement in Islamist terrorism in Spain. The investigation, which lasted several months, was carried out by police information squads from Madrid and Barcelona.

During the lengthy investigation evidence was uncovered to suggest that radicalisation of young Muslims took place and the idea of Jihad (holy war) was promoted.

Furthermore, those suspected of involvement are accused of having financial links with terrorist camps in North Africa and other countries where there is armed conflict such as Iraq and Afghanistan.