iPhones in Spain

Telefónica negotiating with Apple to sell iPhones in Spain

César Alierta, President of Telefónica the Spanish multinational telecommunications company has admitted that the company has been holding talks with Apple in order to gain exclusive rights to sell iPhones in Spain.

Following meetings in London Alierta told reporters that the rights to distribute the iPhone in Spain would be a fantastic business opportunity for Telefónica. Apple seems to have decided to sign exclusive contracts with just one operator in each country where the iPhone will be distributed. The phone is expected to become available in Spain in the middle of 2008.

The iPhone was launched in the US at the end of June under an exclusive contract with AT&T. According to official sources the iPhone will be available in the UK from the 1st November and it is rumoured that O2 will be the distributer there. It is thought that Orange will have exclusive sale rights in France while T-Moblie will sell the iPhone in Germany.

The Managing Director of Teléfonica O2 Europe, Peter Erskine, who was also present during the press conference played down the significance of the fact that the iphone had been liberated in the US and Israel by pirate computer experts enabling it to be used with other rival mobile operators. He said that only a very small number of iPhones had been liberated and that gaining the contract to sell them in Spain would be a wonderful business opportunity.

It certainly would help to further boost Telefonica’s dominance in the Spanish phone market as demand for the iPhone is expected to exceed all expectations.