Iphone distributor in Spain

Telefónica confirms it will sell the iPhone in Spain this year

In a brief press release consisting of three lines of text Telefonica, the Spanish telecommunications company, has confirmed that it has reached an agreement with Apple to sell the iPhone in Spain this year.

It is not yet known whether Telefonica has the exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in Spain although this looks likely given that in the US it is sold exclusively through At&T and through O2 in the UK, an affiliate of Telefonica.

The terms and conditions of contracts for the iphone with Telefonica still remain a mystery. It is not yet know whether there will be a permanency clause for clients wishing to purchase the iPhone, when exactly it will be commercially available, whether it will have 3G connection or how much it will cost.

Next week the annual development conference held by Apple will take place where it is expected that Steve Jobs, the Head of the company, will present the new version of the iPhone which is expected to have 3G connection.

According to the European Press Agency Apple sold four million units of the iPhone throughout the world in 2007 which works out at approximately 20,000 units a day.