The investigation into the terrorist attacks in Madrid

According to El Pais, police in Spain have identified 6 Morrocans who could be linked to last week’s terrorist attacks in Madrid. One of them, Jamal Zougam, is under arrest and being interrogated by police. Two witnesses travelling on one of the trains bombed claim that they saw him travelling on the same train before the bombs exploded. The names of the other five suspects have not been released. Spanish police warn that these 6 people may be part of a larger cell of one of the radical islamic groups related, directly or indirectly, to Al Qaeda and more nationalities could well be involved. Initial investigations point to a possible link between the attacks here last week and the attacks in Casablanca last year, and Morroccan detectives investigating that disaster are already in Spain working with their Spanish colleagues to pursue all possible links. Meanwhile, the Spanish government has announced that they will hold a summit meeting in Madrid to discuss the questions raised by the latest terrorist acts with all the anti-terrorist departments of members of the the European Union.

This evening at 8 O’clock, a mass is to be held in Madrid’s cathedral, La Almudena, to remember the victims of last week’s brutal attack.