International trafficking network discovered in Spain

Spanish police continue to home in on international crime in Spain. This morning 22 people have been arrested accused of belonging to an international network trafficking women from Rumania and then forcing them into prostitution on their arrival in Spain.

The two suspected leaders of the network are among the arrested, most of whom are Rumanian. Two Spaniards are accused of collaborating with the criminals.

According to reports, police started to investigate the network in 2003 acting on information supplied by a Rumanian girl who told police she had been forced into prositution by a group of Rumanian nationals.

Spanish police say that the ring specialised in trafficking people and falsifying all kinds of documents (passport, ID cards, traffic licences…) and had set up HQs in various towns along the Costa Blanca. The police operation has uncovered two workshops in Valencia used to produce false ID cards and licences. This is the third network of its kind to be discovered by police this month in Spain.