Immigrants keep arriving on the Canary islands

Yesterday more than 500 immigrants arrived on the Canary islands in 7 boats. The Guardia Civil are still searching Lanzarote for another 10 who were in one of the boats.

The largest number, 103, in one boat arrived in La Gomera yesterday morning. All the occupants were male and claimed to be from Senegal and Guinea. Their boat journey is thought to have taken about 10 days. Yesterday 3 boats also arrived on Tenerife.

An agreement has finally been reached with the Senegalese government over patrolling its coastline. Frontex, a European organisation, will put in place naval and air vigilance. Their mission is to look for boats carrying immigrants in international waters. However, if the country where the boats leave from refuse to accept their return they will have to be taken to the Canary Islands. Frontex, will only be patrolling the coastline until September.