Ikea en Alicante

The opening of a new Ikea store in Alicante is expected to generate up to 5 million visitors a year according to the city’s Association of Traders. The Mayoress of Alicante, Sonia Castedo, has confirmed that on 29th July a meeting will give the green light for the Ikea project and that the first steps will be taken for the opening of the new Ikea store in Alicante in 2011.

Yesterday Sonia Castedo said that the opening of a new Ikea store in Alicante will be a good thing because it will ‘generate employment and enrich the city’. She has also expressed her desire to make the process as smooth as possible so that the project can get underway as quickly as possible. The new Ikea store will be located in Rabasa, with access to the dual carriageway.

With respect to the creation of approximately 2,200 jobs Ikea is expected to sign an agreement to say that it will recruit its employees mainly from the city of Alicante.

The plans to make the opening of a new Ikea store in Alicante a reality began earlier this week on Monday when the agreement was signed and when this was officially presented to the town hall the next day.

The next steps to get the project underway will be taken next week when the Municipal Urban Commission will give its opinion on the agreement and the use of the designated territory required for the project. All political parties have given their support to Ikea coming to Alicante.