Hijack of plane flying to the Canary Islands

The Hijacker of Mauritanian passenger plane was overcome by passengers and arrested on the planes arrival at Las Palmas airport

The hijacking of a Mauritanian plane on its way to Las Palmas, the Canary Islands ended last night when the hijacker was arrested. The plane, a Boeing 737, left the Mauritania’s capital, Nuackchott, carrying 71 passengers some of which were Spanish. According to official sources none of the passengers were hurt. It is believed that the hijacker intended to take the plane to Paris in order to claim political asylum there.

According to reports the hijacker, who was armed with two pistols, was overcome by two passengers. In declarations made to Spanish television news, the passengers involved said they decided that if they were all going to die, then so should the hijacker, so they attacked him and managed to take the guns from him and empty their barrels.

The hijacked plane landed on the military runway in Gando airport, in the Canary Islands, and shortly afterwards the hijacker was arrested.

The police and the Spanish Civil Guard were waiting for the plane when it landed.

In addition to the police presence, seven ambulances were sent to Gando airport in preparation to treat injured passengers if necessary. In the end several passengers were treated for bruises and anxiety but none were seriously injured.

Last night the Spanish security forces were in the process of interviewing the hijacker. They were also investigating whether anyone else was involved in the hijacking as suggested by several of the plane’s passengers.