Highest ever wave in Spain

26 metre wave detected in Spanish waters

According to El País this morning, the highest wave ever recorded in Spanish Waters has displaced a buoy belonging to the Spanish Oceanographic Institute (IEO) from its position. The wave measured 26.13 metres high, similar to a seven storey building. The wave was recorded in the Bay of Biscay and broke about 35 metres off the coast.

The buoy named Augusto González de Linares, continued to emit its signals which meant that has been possible to recover it. It was located on 28th January some 16 kilometres from the coastal city of San Sebastian. It is hoped that it will be put back into service in its original position after it has been fully checked for defects. The buoy emitted telematic signals which meant that its position could be detected.

The IEO is a public body dedicated to studying the sea and researching the sustainability of fishing stocks and marine environment. The information recorded is sent around the world to meteorological centres to aid them with their predictions.

Information on the speed of the wind, sea currents, the temperature of the sea and the height of waves amongst other things is provided by the IEO. The buoy belonging to the IEO records the highest waves every 30 minutes. Every hour it transmits information via satellite.