Gabi match-fixing

Gabi Fernandez, the hero of the party that certified the permanence of Zaragoza against Levante on May 21, 2011, stated before the prosecutor simply carrying out orders of the club. “I did what you asked me Agapito”. Has been told EL MUNDO, the player has admitted in his testimony have received a transfer “of 85,000 euros” of Zaragoza. In fact, Agapito had warned him of the operation, but that day, the player returned the money to the president, according to his statement to Alejandro Luzon. “I am not aware that players were to Levante or know what happened to that money,” he added. The prosecutor has asked Gabi if the operation did not seem suspicious and out of money, and the midfielder said: “As the club was going into bankruptcy, I thought it would be for that.” In fact, according to Gabi, came to ask the president if this financial move could have some effect on your income tax, what Agapito replied: “Do not worry, anything you the manages the club.

The current captain of Atletico Madrid and Zaragoza captain at the time, is shown collaborator with justice, always emphasizing that have followed the guidelines given by their superiors and that any participation is limited to out the money that he had entered and return it to the club owner.

The midfielder came defends not benefited from the alleged rigging that allowed to remain in the First Division, since at this stage of the championship and he had agreed his return to Atletico Madrid after four seasons at Real Zaragoza.