G5 Interior Ministers anti-terrorism summit in Granada

The interior ministers of Spain, France, Britain, Germany and Italy meet in Granada today for a two day summit to discuss how to collaborate more in their response to terrorism. The ministers are expected to sign a joint declaration tomorrow against terrorism in which they will draw a clear line between fundamentalist terrorism and Islam.

This is the sixth time the G5 ministers have met to discuss ways of strengthening security by exchanging information on suspects, simplifying extradition procedures and allowing access to each other’s data bases on terrorism and organised crime.

According to Spanish sources, one of the lessons learned from the investigations into the 11-S and 11-M terrorist attacks was the need to coordinate the monitoring of movements of suspected terrorists who up until then had been able to move with relative ease around Europe as they planned the attacks. The interior ministers will explore ways of preventing this from happening again and disuss how to give Europol more power so that it can play a more effective role in monitoring terrorism and crime in Europe.

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