Funding of single sex schools in Spain under threat

Andalucian Education department to stop funding single sex schools

In an official bulletin on funding for the 2009/2010 academic year the Andalucian department for Education has given details of its plans to change the rules for funding single sex schools. In the bulletin it states that single sex schools will stop receiving public funding for the next academic year.

The bulletin which contains a list of rules clearly states that all schools receiving public funding must comply with article 84.3 of the law against discrimination passed on 3rd May 2006.

It states that under no circumstances can any discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, religion, opinion be permitted. Currently there are 11 single sex schools in Andalucia that will be affected by the new ruling.

A few years ago the regional government of Castilla La Mancha was taken to court over this issue by single sex schools dependent on public funding. This case resulted in the high court recognising the right of individual regional education departments to demand that single sex schools become mixed sex schools in order to continue receiving public funding.

The ruling also stated that neither the Ley Orgánica sobre el Derecho a la Educación (LODE) or the Ley Orgánica de Calidad de Educación (LOCE) recognise that those in charge of schools that receive public funding have the right to establish a system of education based on differences of sex.