French farmers attack Spanish lorries

French farmers attack lorries carrying Spanish agricultural produce on the French-Spanish border

The Unió-COAG which represents Spanish farmers has denounced French farmers for initiating a campaign of attacks against lorries carrying Spanish agricultural produce following the destruction of the contents of several lorries as they crossed the French-Spanish border.

According to the Unió, French farmers have begun a campaign against lorries carrying Spanish agricultural produce following various acts of vandalism against a number of lorries carrying lettuce and wine in Gallargues le Montueux, situated in the South of France.

A spokesperson for the Unió said that French farmers were ‘taking the law into their own hands’ with regards to Spanish agricultural imports which they considered to be illegal. It also said that these acts of violence constitute a ‘new attack on the right to free trade within Europe’.

The Unió has demanded that the French government put an immediate end to these attacks and has criticised the European Union for not establishing a legal framework to punish such acts of violence swiftly and efficiently.

The Spanish Ministry for Agriculture and Fishing has formally requested that the French authorities intervene to avoid further acts of vandalism against lorries carrying Spanish produce and to ensure the free movement of goods.

According to the latest reports attacks on Spanish lorries have spread to Montpellier, where the contents of at least one lorry carrying vegetables from Murcia has been destroyed by French farmers.