Forest fires in Galicia

Volunteer dies in Galician forest fire

A 74 year old man died yesterday in Pontevedresa de Campo Lameiro while trying to put out a forest fire. His body was discovered by the Guardia Civil who were working together with firemen to bring the blaze under control. This is the third mortal victim since various forest fires began in this region. The lastest victim had been working with a group of neighbours who were trying to control the fire which was threatening their properties. All surrounding areas have been put on high alert.

At the moment there are 79 forest fires in Galicia, only 39 of which are under control. La Coruña is the worst affected province where latest reports show that there are at least 17 active fires.

There are now 4700 people working to try and control the fires and as a measure of security various roads have been cut off. The Guardia Civil has sent a team of specialists to help investigate the cause of the fires and the Director of the Guardia Civil, Joan Mesquida, will be visiting Galica tomorrow.

Firemen in Gerona are still trying to put out two forest fires which started on Friday one in Alto Ampurdán, de Ventalló, which has already destroyed 1011 hectares, and one in Cistella, which has destroyed 25854 hectares so far.

Another fire was declared last night in Capmany where 300 hectares have been destroyed and 380 people have had to be evacuated, the AP 7 has also been cut off in both directions. The populations of Biure, Llers i Vilarnadal, as well as Pont de Molins are also being evacuated as a precaution. Figueres townhall has opened a municipal building ready to take in those affected.
Forest fires in Spain in 2005